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I REALLY tried to post on the weekend, but my login disappeared from the computer desktop! I promise!!!!!

I used to get this forbidding sense of dread on Sunday night. This real sense of not wanting to face Monday. Monday is by far, my busiest day and it drains me. I go to work at 8am and have no time off all day. Even my lunch break is taken up with volunteering to take a band rehearsal. From 3-4pm I have rehearsals for a production I am putting on (I am director, musical director and choreographer!) At 4:15pm, I head to another community volunteer band and teach drums (I don't even play drums, but I can read the music and they needed someone). At 6pm, I have footy training (Did I mention that I have signed on to play footy for a local AFL women's league?) And I get home at about 7:15. Now, I know that some people work 12 hour shifts, but being "on" for 11 hours, pretty much does me over. Tonight I decided to skip footy training. I bought a coffee at 7:30ma on the way to work and was still drinking it at 4pm because I didn't have time to eat anything else. So, I was starving. Actually starving. And I was so happy to feel my body respond and want food. I am still going to work out, but I am going to have my 6 oysters kilpatrick for dinner first. Then I may have some energy. Just making that decision and being at peace with it it something awesome for me!


FFF xoxo