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The parent trap!

Last weekend I took a trip with my nephew, hubby and Dad to see Mrs Brown's boys. It was about 5 minutes into the trip when I started falling into old habits without realising it. We got in the car and Dad had bought "long trip lollies" to mung on. We got halfway and stopped for a servo treat to celebrate. When we got to our destination we needed "supper" because we had missed dinner. There were all these little habits that I fell straight back into when I was with my Dad. I realised then how deeply ingrained these things were in my life as a child and how poor eating habits were the "norm" for my family. My family all have food addiction and my sister has passed that addiction to her children. I think my job, is to make sure that it doesn't go to our next generation. I don't want them to live the life I have, with constant fear and anxiety about what goes into my mouth next. I want them to see that their body is something that needs "nou…