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it's a ...................


I had a beautiful baby boy, under pretty stressful circumstances in late January. He was a week late, which didn't surprise anyone considering I am always so late for things! After everyone, and I mean everyone, thinking that I was having a girl for the whole pregnancy (including me), I had a little boy and called him S#am#s. We had quite a few names picked out, but I have named him after my brother who has the Scottish equivalent of the same name. He is simply perfect and has been absolutely no trouble for his baby stage! He is 4 months tomorrow, and therefore, I feel that it is time for me to get back into my weight loss mission. So, i was about 85kgs prepregnancy, or bouncing around there somewhere and 79kg was my lowest weight during my weight loss mission. I put on about 40kgs in pregnancy but a lot of that was fluid. I blew up like a walrus! The day after birth I had already lost 15kgs and he only weighed close to 4! But I have since just stayed at that weight. So, I am…

hello there

Well, welcome back to me! Crazy,crazy time and I am now a Mother!!
And I have some maternity leave, so I have some time to post!!
Double win!
Back tomorrow lovelies!