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I'm putting it out there!

I AM going to lose sixty kilos in total before I am 40!!! Yep. That is the goal I have set myself. So, fourteen kilos in 8 months! TOTALLY DOABLE!

Bring it on!

How?? I am quitting sugar. I am working out half an hour every day minimum. No exceptions. I am going to start drinking that evil clear liquid of the Gods (eek!) And I'll visit here a little more often.

Let's go skinny biatches!

Hump Day homestyle

Seriously, is there anything better than discovering a new recipe? The granola in the I Quit Sugar program is to die for. It's something that I'll keep in my breakfast list forever. It is pretty much coconut flakes, mixed nuts, chia seeds, spices and rice malt syrup toasted in the oven in some coconut oil, but team it with a good quality full fat yoghurt and you pretty much have the dieting girl's fix for ice-cream. Delish!

well hello there!

It's been awhile. I guess no posting is a sign that things have been going well in real life right? And, that's just about right. I have just got back from Sydney and had a lovely time with my two besties. I ate like a mofo and expected a whole heap of damage, but I guess all that walking around kept me in check, because the scale hasn't moved. Actually, I think my body likes being this weight. My weight has moved between the same five kilos for about two years now, and that's ok with me, because it's still 50 kilos lighter than I was five years ago. I feel healthier and happier than ever. Having said that though, my best friend and I have signed up to do the 8 week I quit sugar program with Sarah Wilson. It started four weeks ago, but we both decided that starting it and then, going to Sydney for a week, would be really silly, so we are starting it together next week. I also rejoined my local YMCA. I got a 12 month membership including all classes, gym use and poo…