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Post baby body

My little man turned 1 last week and in my head, I was going to be back to prebaby body by now. And although I've now lost 30 kilos from conception, I really want to push these other 12 kilos away! And maybe then I might be ready for number two! 💞 Well, that's up to nature I guess. So, I bit the bullet and joined Michelle Bridges 12wbt again. I am terrible at thinking about what to put into my mouth (mind out of the gutter!) and need structure. I am excited about starting healthy eating again on Monday. Like, actually excited. I think dieting and I need to be rekindled. I also want to set a good example to my baby so that he doesn't experience the anxiety I do about my body and how to fuel it. Weekend means organising, preparing, fitness test and catching up on blog reading! See you soon at yours

A xoxo


I've taken a whole year off of "dieting" as such. I enjoyed every second of being pregnant - like 'sunshine and rainbows' loved it! But, I embraced it and all it entailed which meant cravings and eating amazing amounts of things that I just couldn't eat when I was restricted by the band. Not always unhealthy choices, like I had a craving for strawberries for weeks! But I did go through a box of rice bubbles every week and that was mostly my dinner of choice for the first and second trimester.  However, in three weeks, my little boy is 1 and it's time to set him an example. I want to be a fit, healthy mother to him. So, I have reconnected with my blog for some accountability. This time, I make no goals, except to gradually become healthier, I just want to live by some principles that i know will work. For now. I will adjust them as I go.

1. Drink 750 mls of water every day. I know this isn't enough! But I'm at 200 mls at the moment, so I need to st…