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When you forget the rules...

Sometimes, we get into habits that are hard to break. After having my little band for 5 years now, that is exactly what I have done. I've got into some bad habits and have forgotten the rules that lead me to success in the first place. I am on Day 3 of tracking now. It hasn't yet shown on the scales, but I am on holidays and my steps tend to halve when I am not running around at work all day!! So, I'm not too worried about that. Anyhow; I need to refocus slowly on turning the "rules" into habits. So, let's look at the first rule:


* This seems so easy, but as I was getting closer to goal, it was so easy to just start snacking on little things throughout the day. Things that I saw on the table. Snacks that I grabbed on the run. Planned snacks are very different. They are calculated and not impulsively smooshed down my gob. The other really important thing is to wait for hunger signals. I don't have to eat 5 …

Flab searching

So, I did some flab searching today (which is like soul searching, but related directly to my diet) and decided to eat whatever I wanted today. I felt like a white hot chocolate and I had one, I felt like cruskits with vegemite for breakfast, so I had it and the most incredible thing happened. I haven't eaten dinner yet and I am already over twice the average calories of a normal maintenance allowance for a woman!!! That is how much I underestimate the calories in those little things I add onto a moderately healthy diet every day. I mean, my general day goes like this:

Breakfast  - I cook the hubby something delish and then have a couple of bites.
10am - I am hungry and have a protein bar/yoghurt/sakatas
Lunch - Can of tuna and some cruskits or leftovers (sugar free soup/curry/casserole) - about a cup
Afternoon - Some form of hot drink/latte/flat white and some cheese/nuts/biscuits (sugar free)
Dinner - A recipe from the sugar free cookbook
Supper - Cup of tea

Now, that is a good …


I really truly hope that you are not following me to get skinny motivation hey? Or maybe you are. Maybe I am awesome motivation for what not to do. I'm kind of lost. As I laid today getting my biannual (well, it's been four years since the last one) girlscrape, I was telling the lady with her hands up my va jay jay that I'd lost 50 kilos and kept it off for three years. Yep. Three years. I've been within this five kilos for three years and do you know what? I'm kind of happy about that. If you asked me twenty years ago if you could make me 85 kilos but I would stay there for three years, I would have said "yes, please", but at the moment it feels "unfinished" for want of a better word. I'm stuck not knowing what to do and whether I actually have the strength to see it through anyhow. There are things that have worked for me in the past, but only in the moment. Not sustainable. And 20 kilos from the "end" of my journey, I really wan…