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The fourth day......

So, I was doing very, very well for three days. Virtually no sugar. However, on the 4th day I had an unprepared day. I went to work, headed to my 4pm spray tan and then rushed to get to a gig I was singing at. I'd had no sugar up until that point and the meal was provided. It was a ten course designation by a beautiful chef and I asked to be served after I sang. I got the meal at about 10pm, and by then the adrenaline pumping, I was starving. I downed a few smoked salmon somethings and then my sister grabbed me a can of coke and I practically skulled it. I don't even normally drink coke, but I was so tired, hungry, thirsty, glad that it was over and stressed, that I did. The next day, I worked a full 8 hour shift again, and then taught guitar for two hours and then rushed to another gig. This time I ordered dinner. I couldn't even eat it. Well, I had 6 cajun chips with lime yoghurt and that was that. I had a friend arrive to stay Friday night and then, Saturday had a day a…

Day One - Sugar free - The epic first try fail

So, I am reading this -

Extract: Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes us Fat | Penguin Books Australia

 and I have only finished chapter One (which is a kazillion pages long btw), but I am sensing that I may be, hold onto your seats, a sugarholic. I realise that I am also a fataholic, milkaholic, donutaholic, chipaholic etc, but there lies a little bit of a clue in Chapter One that is leading me to believe that my other binges, might all be blameable on my first! Calm your farm fat free floozy! There is also a shitload of reasons why sugar is crap for you and not a whole reasons why it is good. So, actually there is like a kazillion (or 50ish) pages about the detrimental health benefits of sugar and none about how it raises me above falling asleep in my staff meetings! I'm not going 100% sugar free, but am becoming mindful of what I am eating that has sugar in it. So, todays meals included:

Breakfast: One weetbix with milk
Recess: Two rice crackers and a white coffee
Lunch: No time - One …

So good it hurts!

I have been soon on track this week. I am aching from all the amazing classes that I have attended and my mental health is so much better when I exercise. Food has been great. I was starving today, but kept my eating on track. I am not counting calories, or fat, or worrying too much - just filling my body with the good stuff and allowing myself the occasional treat. I haven't quit sugar yet, but I did download the "Sweet Poison" e-book to educate myself about the dangers. And the weekly weigh-in result? Another 600 grams down, and at this end of the journey, I'll take that. My NSV of the week is definitely a lady coming up to me at Zumba class and saying, "I tried to keep up with you, but I just couldn't. You are so springy!!" Made my day.

Weekly Weigh-In:

Start weight : 132kg
Last week: 83.5
This week: 82.9
Loss this week: 0.6kg
Total loss: 49.1kg
Left to go: 17.9kg

Love ya guts!

#FFF xoxo