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Trying something new

So, as of Friday, I was still 83.3kg, so that's awesome. This morning I have signed into a new PT with an ex-Millitary guy who specialises is boxing. It's with a small group of girls that I don't know, but I feel that I am fitter and ready for the challenge. Our gym works in a good way in regards to PT - you book a trainer and a time for $70 an hour and then you share that cost with whoever you choose to have in your group. So, for me, I get three different trainers per week with three different groups. I have a group with my two nieces, my sister in law and my best friend, so that costs us $14 each, I have a group with "the ex bootcamp girls" and that only costs us $12 because there are a few more of us, then I have a group with my sister's best friend, her daughter and my nephew, which is a bit more expensive because there are less of us. It works pretty well. The group this morning advertised on Facebook for extra members to cut their costs down and I jump…

2016 - Lowest weight!!

I hit my lowest weight for this year! 83.3kg. Actually, I haven't weighed less than this since the 13th May 2015 - almost a year! I had bootcamp this morning and personal training this arvo and so Wednesday is the day that I don't count calories, so I am not going to weigh in tomorrow morning. I'll leave it until Friday! 82.4kg - come at me!!! That is my next lowest weight! The last time I weighed under 82kgs was 11th July 2013. I told you my body was REALLY happy and comfortable at this weight! But, it feels SO good to be moving again. And since being banded I have never hit the 55kg loss mark, so that is definitely my next major goal. And when I hit it, I am definitely going to get inked!!

Down a little

Not in mood. But in weight! My paleo is finally starting to catch up with my body and this morning saw a weigh-in of 83.5kg. I had a chat to my personal trainer to get some nutrition and training advice and he said "keep doing what you are doing, it is obviously working". I think mostly I am scared of those massive gains that just happen for no reason. My weight went up 2 kilos after I had a shandy for Anzac Day. My body is stoopid like that! But, I'll take the downwards movement and in 0.1kg, I'll have my lowest weight this year!




I REALLY tried to post on the weekend, but my login disappeared from the computer desktop! I promise!!!!!

I used to get this forbidding sense of dread on Sunday night. This real sense of not wanting to face Monday. Monday is by far, my busiest day and it drains me. I go to work at 8am and have no time off all day. Even my lunch break is taken up with volunteering to take a band rehearsal. From 3-4pm I have rehearsals for a production I am putting on (I am director, musical director and choreographer!) At 4:15pm, I head to another community volunteer band and teach drums (I don't even play drums, but I can read the music and they needed someone). At 6pm, I have footy training (Did I mention that I have signed on to play footy for a local AFL women's league?) And I get home at about 7:15. Now, I know that some people work 12 hour shifts, but being "on" for 11 hours, pretty much does me over. Tonight I decided to skip footy training. I bought a coffee at 7:30ma on the w…

It feels like yesterday

There is something just wonderful about sharing this journey with people. And this blog is crucial to that process. So, why does it constantly take a back burner? Well, because I am very much that person that doesn't want to let anyone down, so when given a list of things to do, I do the ones that influence other people first. So that I'm not letting them down. This blog really doesn't hurt anyone but me when it is not complete. And therefore, it comes last. I just looked back and realised that I haven't blogged for three weeks or something and I was amazed. Where did that time go?
That brings me to things that I tend to compromise on all the time. My friend cooked me pasta the other day, and I ate it so that I didn't have to tell him that I don't eat pasta anymore. I was so worried about offending him that, I just ate it. And I felt sick afterwards. But I didn't let him down.
I don't talk about my diet/lifestyle or change to ANYONE. I am so scared of bei…