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It feels like yesterday

There is something just wonderful about sharing this journey with people. And this blog is crucial to that process. So, why does it constantly take a back burner? Well, because I am very much that person that doesn't want to let anyone down, so when given a list of things to do, I do the ones that influence other people first. So that I'm not letting them down. This blog really doesn't hurt anyone but me when it is not complete. And therefore, it comes last. I just looked back and realised that I haven't blogged for three weeks or something and I was amazed. Where did that time go?
That brings me to things that I tend to compromise on all the time. My friend cooked me pasta the other day, and I ate it so that I didn't have to tell him that I don't eat pasta anymore. I was so worried about offending him that, I just ate it. And I felt sick afterwards. But I didn't let him down.
I don't talk about my diet/lifestyle or change to ANYONE. I am so scared of being judged. Sometimes, that hinders me too. Like when my sister prepares me something for lunch, which I can't eat, and I take it and eat it because I don't want her knowing that I am trying something new.
It is time to find some strength. I read "Diary of a Winning Loser" and am empowered with his ability to keep to his plan integrity. He just has things that are unwavering. Things that are broadcast to his supporters and the world, but not once have I thought of doing that for myself. Until now.
I want things that are unwavering in my life.
Things to make me believe in myself.
Things that bring me strength.
1. I will eat foods that nourish my body and put everything that touches my mouth into food track app.
2. I will train at least 6 days a week in any form I like and get my Personal Trainer to track my progress.
3. I will blog daily. For me.
That is all.
FFF xoxo



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