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The frustration point

The last two weeks have been far more than awesome! Boot camp is giving me a confidence and strength that I didn't know I had. When I am there, I am determined and focussed and I love it. This morning though, I hit a frustration point. You see, in 4 weeks at boot camp, I have been feeling progressively stronger, fitter and I've been beating my times etc. Last week, I did a head stand! I did a freaking head stand! This morning, my boot camp dude had a cross fit tryout for free. So, I headed along and although a little anxious, in my head, I knew that I could face any demons that came up and that I would crush them. So, the first 45 minutes was just getting our technique right, ready for the WOD. I COULD NOT get it right. My squats were tilting. My elbows were too low. My torso was sagging. My heels were lifting. My trainer made me take my shoes off to see if they were the problem. A little bit. Thrusters schmusters. I can do this. Then, pull-ups with a rubber band aiding me. Co…


I went to boot camp this morning. I love it. Like, really love it! The PT said to everyone today that he loves that hone he looks over at me, I am always smiling! Even in the middle of a squat! It makes me feel empowered and I feel a sense of belonging there and we all know, that as bigger girls, gyms can have the absolute opposite feelings sometimes. After the bootcamp, I approached the PT and asked if I could have a quick 3 minute chat about my goals and nutrition. I let him know how I am eating 1000 calories per day and if I up the calories my weight starts going up, but if I workout more, I haven't got enough energy by the end to give it my best. He turned to look at me and said, "let me guess. you are about 90kgs right? So many of my female clients get to that weight and plateau". Then he asked me if I had some free time.

We met at his office and he gave me a nutrition talk for 40 minutes. Did I mention that my PT is just one of those people that you can't help …

Growth mindset

This week saw my holidays come to and end and I headed back to the workplace after 5 weeks off (sans biatch!) The first day back had such a positive feel about it. I presented a workshop identical to one I presented one year ago and had such different responses (positive feedback increased, negative feedback decreased). Then on the second day, we had a visiting keynote speaker come in to talk about growth mindset. Now, it's so funny, I was sitting there, thinking, I am so glad that some of the people in my workplace are hearing this. They won't know what hit their little fixed mindset world (insert Dr Evil giggle here). But, after 10 minutes I started to recognise some things about me that were definitely in the fixed mindset column. And after 30 minutes I realised, shock horror, that I have a fixed mindset. Even worse than that, I realised that my WHOLE workplace has a fixed mindset.

This guy made me question so much about myself. And, as usua…