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Time to step it up!

So, I lost 100 grams this week. I've worked out steadily. I've eaten well. Yet, I feel a little out of control. I feel like I am constantly thinking about eating and not eating and starving and binging and it all revolves around one tiny thing. Food addiction. I have overcome so many obstacles along this journey, but the fact that food still has so much power over me, drives me crazy. For instance, I may finish my day on 1200 calories and do a Body Combat class and feel amazing, but if there is a party pie on the morning tea plate, I CANNOT say No to it! It calls me, and I think about it until I have it. Then, sometimes I need to compensate later by skipping dinner for a glass of milk. At the time, I rationalise my choices, but I HATE that food controls me. And I think the whole root of the problem is my absolute and unwavering addiction to sugar. I am researching now, the hold that sugar has over me, and I'm thinking that sugar and I need to have a long awaited break-up.

wednesday weigh-in

It's been a really good week. I started the week after my last post well. I headed to Sh'Bam at 6pm. The problem? It was actually Body Combat at 5:30pm. They have a fortnightly rotation and due to Australia Day, I stuffed it up! Derr! Tuesday night was my friend's birthday and we had a lovely dinner with all her friends, so no gym. Headed to Zumba and poured my soul into it (because I felt guilty for having two nights off). Went to Zumba again Thursday at my regular Zumba place (not the gym!) and was so happy to be sweaty and puffing! The instructor has a dace background and pushes us to shake it so much more than other Zumba instructors! Got home Friday and completely cleaned the house ready for some special visitors who were arriving Saturday. On Saturday morning I got up early and headed to Pump. This is a big change for me. Normally, if I have an excuse, like visitors coming, I would make an excuse not to go. But, nup, this time I went early. Having an old friend visit…

Move. Nourish. Believe.

I love Lorna Jane's mantra for her company. I'm not a huge fan of her clothing. I keep buying it, but it doesn't fit well. Point in case was a gorgeous Sports Bra that I bought for $70 and wore today to Body Balance. My girls kept falling out the middle. It's got like a sexy gap thing, but every time I leant forward, my girls fell through the sexy girl thing! NOT sexy! Anyhow, off the point. I thought I might  reflect on my week using this mantra.


My exercise this week has been o.k, but I came to the past week of my holidays and just got so busy trying to fit stuff in, that it could have been better. My fitbit has gone a little haywire and won't tell me my steps, which is driving me crazy. I've had it for two years, so it's time just might be up, but I didn't realise how much it was motivating me to move more. I'll look around for another I think.


For the most part, my food has been good. I had a memorial service for a dear friend yeste…