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Seriously delish!

Yum! Breakfast smoothie to wash down my 83.1kg weigh-in. Have undone some of the Easter damage! Woohoo!

Coconutty berry smoothie 4 strawberries 20 frozen blueberries 180mls coconut milk 1 tspn raw cocao 1 tspn rice malt syrup
Blend. Drink.
Pic to the left!!
#fff xoxo

Armed with some motivation

So, one month later and I'm back. I've been mentally preparing myself for this day. I have created a new header which exposes me in all my wrinkly, loose skin goodness - doing what I love best; posing, exercising and singing! I am more prepared than one month ago. I've spent my time reading these books over the past four weeks;

I feel much more aware of how my body is going to respond to sugar withdrawal and what I did wrong the first time. I'm sure that this journey will not be perfect, but I am at least taking the first step again. And after Easter's little two kilo gain, it is very apt timing. 
#fff xoxo
PS - I have set up an instagram. Hit me up with your user names!!!