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totally forgot!

I'm over reading about this lovely lady's pending nuptials and realised that I may have neglected to post my own wedding pics? Really? I actually felt pretty on the day. I mean, I made my debut at 16 and felt kind of pretty until I saw the other debutantes and they were all half my size, so then I felt like a heffa! But, on my wedding day, I felt lovely! And feminine! And 50kgs lighter! And, I didn't worry about my flabby arms cos I was too happy and excited to care (well, until the wedding pics came out and then I was like, "Why didn't the photographer tell me about that fat roll/that double chin/that arm wobble?). Here is the photo that made me take this journey (before) and my wedding day 12 months ago.

i was wearing black which is, you know, slimming : (
My fave pic of my sis and I
The dress
My gorgeous dad and I

This makes me wanna rip my band out and give her a great big hug! But, I have work to do still. 20 kilos! I'm 40 this year, good enough time as any!



  1. My god you look bloody gorgeous! I love your dress, I would so love to wear a gorgeous wedding dress like that... maybe if Stew and I renew our vows next year (30 year anniversary) I can!
    Bugger about the water restrictions you are on, we don't have to worry about that here thank goodness.
    I wish I could get a band... but I don't think I can afford it, and I doubt any surgeon would touch me.
    I have a bleeding condition (I bleed internally during/after surgeries), which is a right bugger.
    So, it's back to hard work and friggin determination for me!

  2. I saw nothing flabby in the wedding pics...I saw beauty and happiness!

  3. You look lovely! And so very happy! Congratulations.

  4. Gorgeous photos and Happy Wedding Anniversary


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