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Back from NZ!

I am back from the land of the long white cloud! And 12 days of cruising! Such a beautiful holiday! Let me tell you, New Zealand is gorgeous. I visited Auckland, Wellington, Akaroa, Dunedin, Tauranga and Milford Sound. I could live there. Every place was just picture perfect. We ate so much but thanks to Zumba and daily ten kilometre walks, no weight gain! Phew!

Being back brings a new set of challenges. Back to work. Back to finding time for exercise with a full-time job, a part time job and my hobbies! Finding a way to eat without obsession. So, Welcome to my month with FitnessPal. For a month I am going to track everything that I eat and try to get my portion sizes and food balance/nutrient balance right.


FFF xoxo


  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing more from you. :-)


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