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Wanted: Inner strength

30 Days. I am in need of inner strength for 30 days. It doesn't seem so difficult, but when you are 50 kilos less than you used to be, it is so easy to make silly choices. 
"I have been eating like this and maintained a 50kg loss, so one cookie won't hurt"
"You had no breakfast, you can eat that spoonful"
"You are 50 kilos less than you were, you deserve to drink that cocktail"

The problem is, although happy with my size, I'm not done with my shape and my fitness. I'm not ready to show my tummy to anyone but my hubby and I certainly can't run a kilometre without stopping for a bit. 

This is definitely the time where I am no longer relying on the band at all. This is up to me. This is what I put in my mouth. 

I went to the Doctors and got my blood work done and she suggested that my levels looked like I could be Coeliac. I did some reading and the best thing to do - eliminate grains for 30 days and see how I feel. So, that is what I am doing. A 30 day paleo challenge, eliminating dairy(yikes!), sugar, grains. I have two weeks holiday which eliminates the "social" impact of eating the wrong thing, but for two weeks after that I need to show the integrity that I teach to my students every day. "Doing the right thing even when no-one is watching".

Here is the link if you want to suss it out:

So, here goes. DAY 1. Starting weight - 85.6kg.

FFF xoxo


  1. A work in progress! You have this!!!

  2. Good luck - I don't eat grains but know I eat some in the odd processed food I have. To eliminate all grains would be harder for sure but there sure are some great foods out there you can have on a paleo diet!! Good luck. I know exactly what you mean too about "one cookie won't hurt"... I have to admit to a cookie or two slipping back into my life. Not good.


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