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Day Four

Well, Im doing good. Well, except for the paleo pop-offs. I was NOT ready for that. My rule @ school for my students is to leave the classroom to "let fluffy off the chain". In ten years, I have not once farted in front of my husband. And I've told him that if it ever happens, he can expect a divorce the next day. Ever since my Year 11 Physics teacher explained the theory that the smell was poo particles drifting up your nostrils, I have had a zero tolerance policy. So, I was not ready for what a change of diet would bring "down there". Normally, when I feel the urge to pop, I get up, walk outside, move away from the house and do my airy business, then return. Well, let's just say, I have been spending more time outside than in! I've gone from 1 pop-off walk a day to about 10!!! However - in 4 days I have a 1.2kg drop on the scale, so not all's bad! Geez, I am missing milk like crazy though!

This next two days will be a problem though! I am travelling to Victoria! So. Much. Good. Food. I will try my hardest to stick to my basic plan, but I'm still living and I'm hoping the walking (and naked mole mapping session) will keep my weight in check.

Current weight: 84.4kg

See you on Saturday!


FFF xoxo


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