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1 week down

I am actually really enjoying this lifestyle! Had my weekend away and at both Hog's Breath and Thai,  it was relatively easy to adapt to a Paleo meal. Hold the Rice. Bake some sweet potato instead of chips. Done. And, I am down to 83.9kg. So, it seems the lack of dairy, grains and legumes is agreeing with me. Another 200g loss will see me at my lowest weight for 2016. Yee hah!

Crossfit and I are starting to come to terms with each other too. I think it helps that I am in a massively supportive group. We had a partner workout Sunday, which would be way out of my comfort zone (especially since I got paired with a dude!) but he was just so sweet. He praised everything I did and helped when my technique wasn't quite right and egged me on until the end. I am not sure if these two things are the "what" that I have been looking for, but for now, they suit me just fine and I will see out the 30 day Paleo challenge to confirm or deny it.


FFF xoxo