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The frustration point

The last two weeks have been far more than awesome! Boot camp is giving me a confidence and strength that I didn't know I had. When I am there, I am determined and focussed and I love it. This morning though, I hit a frustration point. You see, in 4 weeks at boot camp, I have been feeling progressively stronger, fitter and I've been beating my times etc. Last week, I did a head stand! I did a freaking head stand! This morning, my boot camp dude had a cross fit tryout for free. So, I headed along and although a little anxious, in my head, I knew that I could face any demons that came up and that I would crush them. So, the first 45 minutes was just getting our technique right, ready for the WOD. I COULD NOT get it right. My squats were tilting. My elbows were too low. My torso was sagging. My heels were lifting. My trainer made me take my shoes off to see if they were the problem. A little bit. Thrusters schmusters. I can do this. Then, pull-ups with a rubber band aiding me. Couldn't get up. The trainer was like "Use your feet", Nup. Still couldn't get the technique right. My chin was nowhere near the freaking bar even! I was hitting frustration point when they called us in and said that the WOD was a 21-15-9 FRAN of thrusters and pull-ups! The two things that I couldn't do properly! I could feel it in my face. I knew I was looking as disheartened on the outside as I was on the inside.

My trainer pulled me aside at the end and asked what was going on and I explained that I felt that I had gone forward 4 steps in boot camp and Cross Fit had just pulled me back to first base. He looked at my technique and said that my calves were too tight and everything was just compensating for that. So, I have some stretches and exercises to do. I was more disappointed that it was the tenth anniversary of my Mum's passing away and in my head, I was like, I'm doing this for you Pammie, and then I couldn't do it, so I got a bit emotional.

The thing is though, she wouldn't care, she would laugh and say, "gee you are doing well little Sis" "look at how little you are getting" "Here have a cream puff, you'll feel heaps better". Lol! I miss her so much!


  1. Crikey listening to all that makes you sound like Superwoman! Bootcamp? That's hardcore, well done you!

  2. I wouldnt worry about it....maybe crossfit isnt for you? Or not yet? You are enjoying bootcamp...and making progress...thats what counts....keep doing you ;)

  3. I agree, you're a super-stud. I don't do anything like that and I wouldn't under pretty much any circumstance - it just isn't my thing.


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