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Growth mindset

This week saw my holidays come to and end and I headed back to the workplace after 5 weeks off (sans biatch!) The first day back had such a positive feel about it. I presented a workshop identical to one I presented one year ago and had such different responses (positive feedback increased, negative feedback decreased). Then on the second day, we had a visiting keynote speaker come in to talk about growth mindset. Now, it's so funny, I was sitting there, thinking, I am so glad that some of the people in my workplace are hearing this. They won't know what hit their little fixed mindset world (insert Dr Evil giggle here). But, after 10 minutes I started to recognise some things about me that were definitely in the fixed mindset column. And after 30 minutes I realised, shock horror, that I have a fixed mindset. Even worse than that, I realised that my WHOLE workplace has a fixed mindset.

This guy made me question so much about myself. And, as usual, although it was about my job, I couldn't help but thinking of my weight loss journey. Seeing failure as a positive thing that I can learn from and appreciate is just not in my being. Yet. Getting myself out of my comfort zone so that I make mistakes is just not me. Yet. However, I felt a slight change just becoming self aware of those facts and it made a difference.

I went to Zumba Monday and my body craved water. I went to personal training on Tuesday at 5am!!! A new first for me. I went to Boot Camp Wednesday morning and I left a friend's birthday party for an hour Wednesday night for Personal Training! Thursday night I went to Aquafit for some muscle rehab, Friday night I went to Personal training and the bootcamp guy asked how I was going, the personal trainer answered, "This one? She goes HARD". I felt tingles in my Vajayjay! I swear I'd never heard more beautiful words in my life. Then, 6am this morning, bootcamp again. I've eaten pretty well. A few slip ups (I didn't realise one of my training sessions wasn't catered and after three hours ate the biscuits sitting in front of me), but I DID NOT give up and lose the plot and eat the rest of the packet. I just moved on. I just acknowledged that I'd stuffed up and thought, when I get home, I'll put a protein bar and nuts in my bag for times like these. 

My weight loss and fitness challenges are what some of my little guys must face every day at school. I KNOW I'm not the fittest/fastest or strongest person at the gym, but those words that my PT said about me going as hard as I could, meant a million dollars more to me!

Do you ever feel like someone comes into your life at the exact right time for a reason? That's how I felt with Dan. For that two hours, he was speaking to me. And more importantly I was hearing what he had to say. 

Thank you #daywithDan

FFF xoxo


  1. That is so interesting. I am going to look this guy up. It's not easy to admit that we aren't doing things the way that we would like to do them. Good for you for keeping an open mind. And congratulations on the fitness/personal training focus. 5am is HARD!!!!

  2. Awesome that you're killing your workouts (dedication ++)!!


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