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When you forget the rules...

Sometimes, we get into habits that are hard to break. After having my little band for 5 years now, that is exactly what I have done. I've got into some bad habits and have forgotten the rules that lead me to success in the first place. I am on Day 3 of tracking now. It hasn't yet shown on the scales, but I am on holidays and my steps tend to halve when I am not running around at work all day!! So, I'm not too worried about that. Anyhow; I need to refocus slowly on turning the "rules" into habits. So, let's look at the first rule:


* This seems so easy, but as I was getting closer to goal, it was so easy to just start snacking on little things throughout the day. Things that I saw on the table. Snacks that I grabbed on the run. Planned snacks are very different. They are calculated and not impulsively smooshed down my gob. The other really important thing is to wait for hunger signals. I don't have to eat 5 times a day if my body doesn't need/want it. It will tell me when it is hungry. It will also tell me when I am full. And that's when I need to stop. Not 5 forks after that.

What is your first rule of healthy eating habits?



  1. It is definitely easy to forget the basics. Right now, my goal is 2 meals and 1 snack but I find myself adding an extra one in just because I feel like it, not because I'm really hungry. I'm trying to reign that in.

  2. Track everything I put in my gob! Then you truly can see where you are going wrong.

  3. For me I find it best not to snack between meals ... So on the days I eat, I have three meals. No sugar or grains, basically LCHF. Then on alternate days I fast. Sometimes a complete fast, other times with an eating window. I switch it up from time to time but I find periods of fasting work for me and I feel better when I do. I'm in the home stretch of my weight loss journey and determined to cross that finish line.


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