I really truly hope that you are not following me to get skinny motivation hey? Or maybe you are. Maybe I am awesome motivation for what not to do. I'm kind of lost. As I laid today getting my biannual (well, it's been four years since the last one) girlscrape, I was telling the lady with her hands up my va jay jay that I'd lost 50 kilos and kept it off for three years. Yep. Three years. I've been within this five kilos for three years and do you know what? I'm kind of happy about that. If you asked me twenty years ago if you could make me 85 kilos but I would stay there for three years, I would have said "yes, please", but at the moment it feels "unfinished" for want of a better word. I'm stuck not knowing what to do and whether I actually have the strength to see it through anyhow. There are things that have worked for me in the past, but only in the moment. Not sustainable. And 20 kilos from the "end" of my journey, I really want something for life. I absolutely love exercise. I workout every day for an hour without a second thought, and I would workout more than that if I had more time in my day. So, it comes down to the Michelle Bridge's idea that "you can't out train a bad diet". I think that I am just going to have to trial some stuff and see what works. Starting with a bit of research about how many calories I should be eating. Any ideas???


Fat Free Floozy xoxo


  1. So many diet options out there. I think the key is finding what will work for you. Counting calories works for some people. I need to stay in the 1000-1200 range to lose (that's with no exercise). I hate counting so calorie counting doesn't work particularly well for me. I'm more about avoiding the sugars and least the processed ones. I don't worry too much about fruit and the like but sweets, grains, etc. That's easier for me to focus on because I know what foods I can eat and there's no real gray area there. I hope you find what works for you as I keep searching for what will work for me! :)

    1. Good advice Manda! I'm not overly fussed with counting calories either, but if that's what i have to do for awhile then, so be it. Thanks for the comment!

  2. You will find what works for you!

    1. I think you are bloody amazing for having kept the weight off for so long! So many of us lose it, only to gain it again... ME FOR ONE. I would kill to be 85 kilos right now mate. If you are really UNHAPPY with what you weigh right now, then you have to deal with it... and lose it. I think you are on a plateau, and if order to kick start the weight loss again, you have to change SOMETHING. Not necessarily add more exercise, but change the diet. If you have the same sort of things every day for breakfast/lunch and dinner (and snacks)... Mix it up. Have different food at different times, if you have your main meal at dinnertime, switch it to lunchtime. Try a few small changes first and see what happens. And watch your portion sizes... sometimes the amount we eat at a meal slowly gets bigger without us realising it... dish up you dinner then step back and look at it. Does it look like you are being heavy handed?
      Try a smaller plate, just don't pile up the food so it's toppling and falling off either! (I've done that *smiles) In the exercise front, try changing some of your routine for something totally different... like instead of the treadmill, try the rowing machine! It's a killer, but might just shock your body into burning calories in a different way, and toning a different group of muscles too. Any ONE of these suggested changes will kick your body into losing weight again.... I hope! It always worked for me.

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    1. No wonder you are the guru! Look at all that awesome advice!


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