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Flab searching

So, I did some flab searching today (which is like soul searching, but related directly to my diet) and decided to eat whatever I wanted today. I felt like a white hot chocolate and I had one, I felt like cruskits with vegemite for breakfast, so I had it and the most incredible thing happened. I haven't eaten dinner yet and I am already over twice the average calories of a normal maintenance allowance for a woman!!! That is how much I underestimate the calories in those little things I add onto a moderately healthy diet every day. I mean, my general day goes like this:

Breakfast  - I cook the hubby something delish and then have a couple of bites.
10am - I am hungry and have a protein bar/yoghurt/sakatas
Lunch - Can of tuna and some cruskits or leftovers (sugar free soup/curry/casserole) - about a cup
Afternoon - Some form of hot drink/latte/flat white and some cheese/nuts/biscuits (sugar free)
Dinner - A recipe from the sugar free cookbook
Supper - Cup of tea

Now, that is a good day - WHEN I have an APPetite! But often, here is what happens:

Breakfast: I'm usually not hungry and settle for a coffee.
10am - I am starving but in the middle of work, so I grab whatever is sitting on the work table - usually cheese and crackers/biscuits.
Lunch - I look at it, realise I haven't got time to eat it and swap it for a diet coke.
Afternoon - I look at it, realise I haven't got time to eat it and have a coffee.
Dinner - A recipe from I quit sugar dinners.
Snack - Custard/yoghurt

The problem is, that this all equates to about 800 calories if I eat everything, but I generally leave a heap on my plate. So, when I end up getting offered birthday cake, caramel lattes, lollies, in my head I think, "you can have it, you've hardly eaten anything today" and then I get calorie amnesia that I actually ate it.

Because of that, I'm going to log what I eat for a little while. EVERY SINGLE BIT.

I found this little site. It's pretty good on the numbers. I love numbers. And you can enter a goal and a date and it spits out the weekly calorific requirements.

FFF xoxo


  1. Tracking can be a real eye opener. I have a hard time doing it long term but when I plateau or honestly can't figure out what the issue is, I revert back to tracking and can usually figure it out from there. Good luck!


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