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Well, hello stranger!

Well, hello there stranger! I have deleted all previous blogs and blog posts in an effort to become more active on the blogosphere. My posts are often constructed in my mind and then I tend to worry about someone "discovering" me from my real life and they remain just little rants in my head and never come to fruition here. That said, I have always been a writer. I have penpalled for over twenty five years and have kept a diary for that long too. I miss this place. This place where I can splurge my thoughts out and relive the struggles of losing weight from day to day. So, I am here. For all to see. And I don't really care anymore if someone finds me because this is truly just another facet of who I am. So, feel free to come along with me. And comment away. Because I need support and guidance from you.

So, who am I? I'm in my 30s and have had a lapland since April 2010. I have lost up to 50kgs (47 at the moment) and have hovered there for a long time. I got married in December 2014 and wore a Size 14 dress. And I felt fantastic. I've just got back from a honeymoon in Asia. And I felt fantastic. But, I still have jiggly arms. And I still have fat freakout moments when I get dressed up. And I still have a way to go. I'm happy, but not necessarily healthy. And I dream of being fit.

This last 20 kilos is doing my head in! I have tried everything. But, I am NOT giving up! I will find whatever I need to find to reach that elusive maintenance phase. And I will do it on here. For all the world to see!


FatFreeFloozy xoxo