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Decisions, decisions!

to gym or not to gym....that is the question. Now, believe it or not, unlike the rest of my chubstick family, I actually love the gym! I love dancing, sweating, pushing myself, wearing lycra..everything about exercise. But, I have been doing one hour a day for the past year, with an occasional Sunday off, and I have not changed weight at all. At all. So therein begs the question, is it all worth it? The answer I guess is, for my mental health and fitness, then yes, it is worth it. A little discouraging, but worth it. So, then, the YMCA, the local small intimate gym where "everyone knows your name" or bootcamp? I will be signing up for one of them tomorrow! Look out Lorna Jane! Fat Free Floozy is getting her some sweat pant sessions! Yee hah!

#FFF xoxo


  1. I think the gym is TOTALLY worth it, even if you're just maintaining by going and sweating it out an hour a day, it's so great for your mental health!

    Love the blog, can't wait to follow along!

  2. I'm a big believer in the gym even though I've been lackluster recently. I don't think the gym is essential to weight loss but I DO think it's essential to fitness and mental health. Just found your blog and love it!

  3. I have been deciding what to do, too! I was a member of a small local gym for years, but then things started not being as clean (and I have to shower at the gym because I live 30mins from work and gym) so I quit and was doing zumba and running. Then my zumba studio closed. So now I am trying to decide if I want to do a small gym of the Y with tons of classes (but not as convenient to get to each day.)

  4. I love the gym. It makes me feel healthy, but it's good for my mental health, too!


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