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Never do things by halves!

O.K. So, because I am crazy and obsessed with working out, I joined not one, but two gyms. Why? Well, I have a certain loyalty to this beautiful little gym that I have been going to for 3 years. The instructors are lovely, and they know my name. And the gym is intimate enough to make you feel special but not too small that it gets awkward when there are just two of you in the class. However, there are a couple of problems with this gym for me. Firstly, in the three years that I have been working out there, I have lost over 30 kilos and have gone from a size 22 to a size 14. In that time, both the owner and his Mum have been the people to have signed me up for membership renewals, in fact, they are normally on the door when I arrive for class five days out of seven. And in that time, do you know how many times they have said "you are doing a good job" or "You've lost some weight, this is really working" or "hey, want to sit down and work out a new program, you might need to change it up now you have lost 30 kilos"??? Well, NONE! Neither of them has made ANY comment whatsoever. Now, I am not expecting a fan fare or everyday congrats or anything, but seriously, I am a client of yours. You are in the fitness industry. I am using your product and getting results. SAY SOMETHING!! Secondly, because they are a small gym, they have cut back classes greatly and I just can't make half of the classes with my work schedule.

Now, the second gym, is YMCA based and includes the use of the pool and Aqua Fitness classes. It is very popular and has a large number of classes to choose from, but do you know why I went down there? They ran a 10 week bootcamp and they noticed a girl who attended giving it everything she had, so they posted a photo of her on Facebook and wrote, "We are so very proud of our little Linda, she is giving it all she's got". After ten weeks! And there were 30 people attending bootcamp! And they NOTICED her. So, I went down and joined up! Was it expensive? Not really! They both have 30 days for $30 deals, so I figure it's $15 a fortnight and I can pick and choose from classes. If I do one every day, then it's really only $1 a class.

So far I've been to BodyPump at one and BodyStep at the other and my glutes and quads are so sore, I have to balance against the shower to sit down and pee!

FFF xoxo


  1. Good for you for finding exactly what you need and making sure you get it!

  2. That's insane that they don't give you praise there, especially if it's a tight-knit gym! I tell myself I would have left ages ago, but I'm probably like you, in that I am comfortable in certain comfort zones (that being one!).

    Hopefully, you can phase that place out!

  3. I once asked my sister why people didn't comment to me and she said some people feel uncomfortable mentioning it but that I definitely looked different. They do own the gym though and could just not be particularly aware.

    Congratulations on your success though and congratulations on being newly married!

  4. Sometimes people are afraid to say anything because they aren't sure how the other person might take it. I like my little gym where the owner knows my name and so do most of the girls in zumba. But it's still big enough that people ignore me. And there was only two of us in class last night!

  5. I am amazed your usual gym people have not said anything about your weight loss... AMAZED. Every needs an encouraging word now and then.
    The new one sounds positive, I hope you really enjoy it and get some recognition for your hard work.

  6. LOVE Body Pump. I'm headed there this morning myself.


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