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I've taken a whole year off of "dieting" as such. I enjoyed every second of being pregnant - like 'sunshine and rainbows' loved it! But, I embraced it and all it entailed which meant cravings and eating amazing amounts of things that I just couldn't eat when I was restricted by the band. Not always unhealthy choices, like I had a craving for strawberries for weeks! But I did go through a box of rice bubbles every week and that was mostly my dinner of choice for the first and second trimester.  However, in three weeks, my little boy is 1 and it's time to set him an example. I want to be a fit, healthy mother to him. So, I have reconnected with my blog for some accountability. This time, I make no goals, except to gradually become healthier, I just want to live by some principles that i know will work. For now. I will adjust them as I go.

1. Drink 750 mls of water every day. I know this isn't enough! But I'm at 200 mls at the moment, so I need to start somewhere!
2. Track what I eat. Every mouthful. Every day (My fitness pal - week 1=1304 calories).
3. Move. Doesn't matter how long for, just move.

So, there you go.
Simple plan.
Now, I'm off to catch up on everyone's year!!!!


FFF xoxo


  1. Welcome back, those are great goals - good luck going forward :)

  2. Welcome back chick. Hope baby is doing well too.


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