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Post baby body

My little man turned 1 last week and in my head, I was going to be back to prebaby body by now. And although I've now lost 30 kilos from conception, I really want to push these other 12 kilos away! And maybe then I might be ready for number two! 💞 Well, that's up to nature I guess. So, I bit the bullet and joined Michelle Bridges 12wbt again. I am terrible at thinking about what to put into my mouth (mind out of the gutter!) and need structure. I am excited about starting healthy eating again on Monday. Like, actually excited. I think dieting and I need to be rekindled. I also want to set a good example to my baby so that he doesn't experience the anxiety I do about my body and how to fuel it. Weekend means organising, preparing, fitness test and catching up on blog reading! See you soon at yours

A xoxo


  1. Congrats on the little one....welcome to the healthy lifestyle have some great motivation!!!

  2. The 12 week plan looks awesome. And one kilo per week is doable, so they experts say :) I hadn't heard of Michelle Bridges or that plan before, but it looks everything is in the structured plan.

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