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The fourth day......

So, I was doing very, very well for three days. Virtually no sugar. However, on the 4th day I had an unprepared day. I went to work, headed to my 4pm spray tan and then rushed to get to a gig I was singing at. I'd had no sugar up until that point and the meal was provided. It was a ten course designation by a beautiful chef and I asked to be served after I sang. I got the meal at about 10pm, and by then the adrenaline pumping, I was starving. I downed a few smoked salmon somethings and then my sister grabbed me a can of coke and I practically skulled it. I don't even normally drink coke, but I was so tired, hungry, thirsty, glad that it was over and stressed, that I did. The next day, I worked a full 8 hour shift again, and then taught guitar for two hours and then rushed to another gig. This time I ordered dinner. I couldn't even eat it. Well, I had 6 cajun chips with lime yoghurt and that was that. I had a friend arrive to stay Friday night and then, Saturday had a day at the local races. I started on champagne but it was hot and crappy in the 38 degree heat. So, I moved to sugar cocktails. Which leads me to hangover Sunday and sickness Monday. Chapter Two highlights the need to break the habit with the addition and I realise that I have many a sugar habit to break. It's kind of like smoking. Sometimes, you may have just had a cigarette and then you answer the phone and light up another one without asking. Habit. Not addiction. So, that brings me to my habits of mindlessly eating sugar that needs breaking:

1. When I have a tea or coffee at work or at a Cafe, I often add a sugar or a syrup, even though at home I drink it with sweetener or nothing.
2. If I've had a really healthy dinner and worked out, I will justify my good work with ice-cream.
3. When I go shopping I treat myself to any new chocolate products that are on the market or that are on special.
4. If I skip a meal, I replace it with a milk drink.
5. If I get take-away, I always go  for the value of a meal deal, even though I end up leaving half of it.
6. If I eat out with friends, I eat whatever I want, without thinking about it's nutritional benefit because I'm paying for it!
7. I drink on Friday nights after work and if I've had a hard week at work, I generally choose high sugar mixers.
8. I cannot resist the sugary treats presented on Wednesdays at our staff morning tea. I have NO will power around that stuff!
9. When I feel sick (neck out, headache, sore throat, period pain) I grab anything sugar laden I can get my hands on. I think this came from my parents rewarding me with copious amounts of sugar whenever I felt sick when I was little.

Some of the avoidance strategies I worked on for these habits worked last week. For example, I ordered online shopping so I didn't see the chocolates on special and therefore didn't buy one, I also had no ice-cream in the freezer. Actually, most of it revolves around not having access to those foods. The morning tea one is a biggy. Even though, last week, the beautiful girl made Paleo slice, which made it easier for me, I can't guarantee myself that I won't eat the yummy treats that are normally there. I might have to grab a plate of cheese and crackers and walk around outside in the sun.

So, I am still forging ahead on my sugar free lifestyle, but I have taken a couple of steps backwards. I must say though that the scales did hit 81.9kg during the middle of last week, so that is good and takes me over my 50kg lost mark again for the first time in 12 months.


  1. Sounds all good... 50 kilos is amazing... wish I'd kept mine off.

  2. I can't cut sugar, but I am back to at least tracking calories using my fitness pal. You are doing great!

  3. I give you a lot of credit for cutting out sugar. You are a better woman than me. :)

  4. Hi FFF, being under-prepared can do that!!! Hopefully, you'll be back on and sugar free as planned soon.


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