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Day One - Sugar free - The epic first try fail

So, I am reading this -

Extract: Sweet Poison: Why Sugar Makes us Fat | Penguin Books Australia

 and I have only finished chapter One (which is a kazillion pages long btw), but I am sensing that I may be, hold onto your seats, a sugarholic. I realise that I am also a fataholic, milkaholic, donutaholic, chipaholic etc, but there lies a little bit of a clue in Chapter One that is leading me to believe that my other binges, might all be blameable on my first! Calm your farm fat free floozy! There is also a shitload of reasons why sugar is crap for you and not a whole reasons why it is good. So, actually there is like a kazillion (or 50ish) pages about the detrimental health benefits of sugar and none about how it raises me above falling asleep in my staff meetings! I'm not going 100% sugar free, but am becoming mindful of what I am eating that has sugar in it. So, todays meals included:

Breakfast: One weetbix with milk
Recess: Two rice crackers and a white coffee
Lunch: No time - One glass of milk and ten peanuts
Afternoon: Sh'Bam session
Dinner: Homemade Thai Green chicken curry
Supper: Apple and yoghurt.

This is a much reduced sugar load for me. The things I could have eaten (That I was offered today) include: popping candy, chocolate, wizz fizz, dips and cheeses covered in sweet chilli sauce and Jatz. I left them all alone. That is a big win for me.

I was a little bit "moody" by 3pm, but by the time I got to SH'Bam I had OODLES of energy! Will see if I dip tonight I guess.