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wednesday weigh-in

It's been a really good week. I started the week after my last post well. I headed to Sh'Bam at 6pm. The problem? It was actually Body Combat at 5:30pm. They have a fortnightly rotation and due to Australia Day, I stuffed it up! Derr! Tuesday night was my friend's birthday and we had a lovely dinner with all her friends, so no gym. Headed to Zumba and poured my soul into it (because I felt guilty for having two nights off). Went to Zumba again Thursday at my regular Zumba place (not the gym!) and was so happy to be sweaty and puffing! The instructor has a dace background and pushes us to shake it so much more than other Zumba instructors! Got home Friday and completely cleaned the house ready for some special visitors who were arriving Saturday. On Saturday morning I got up early and headed to Pump. This is a big change for me. Normally, if I have an excuse, like visitors coming, I would make an excuse not to go. But, nup, this time I went early. Having an old friend visit (we taught together 12 years ago in another town) was delightful and I enjoyed every minute of catching up over wine, cheese and crackers. They left on Sunday afternoon and I chucked my swimmers on and headed straight to Aqua Dance. Two of my friends met me there. I am starting to push everyone into the fitness craze. I figure that it is so much harder to pull out and make excuses if I have a support squad. Then, it was Monday again and this time I headed to Sh'Bam and got the time right!!! Yee hah! Last night I headed to Aquadance again (only because I finished work too late for Pump), but again, it would have been a fantastic excuse to say that due to work, I missed the class, but last night, I just went to a different class! Today we had our school's swimming carnival, and although I was on my feet all day and walked up and down the pool all day (I was the lifeguard), I still went to Zumba. Now, the challenge is......can I keep it up once I start my second job next week?

Wednesday Weigh-In:

Start weight : 132kg
Last week: 83.9
This week: 83.5
Loss this week: 0.4kg
Total loss: 48.5kg
Left to go: 18.5kg

#FFF xoxo


  1. You have been BUSY :) Congrats on your loss! What is aqua dancing?? Sounds fun!


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