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Time to step it up!

So, I lost 100 grams this week. I've worked out steadily. I've eaten well. Yet, I feel a little out of control. I feel like I am constantly thinking about eating and not eating and starving and binging and it all revolves around one tiny thing. Food addiction. I have overcome so many obstacles along this journey, but the fact that food still has so much power over me, drives me crazy. For instance, I may finish my day on 1200 calories and do a Body Combat class and feel amazing, but if there is a party pie on the morning tea plate, I CANNOT say No to it! It calls me, and I think about it until I have it. Then, sometimes I need to compensate later by skipping dinner for a glass of milk. At the time, I rationalise my choices, but I HATE that food controls me. And I think the whole root of the problem is my absolute and unwavering addiction to sugar. I am researching now, the hold that sugar has over me, and I'm thinking that sugar and I need to have a long awaited break-up.

Have you ever thought about quitting sugar?

#FFF xoxo


  1. I enjoy a sweet treat on occasion, but it is usually SALTY that gets me!!

  2. Hi! Your food choices may be causing you cravings. Also, 1200 calories is a very small amount to eat, unless you're a petite person. I'd overeat to compensate for low calorie level. I deliberately avoid most flour and sugar products due to cravings. I totally agree that food controlling one's life is the very worst thing about overeating. When I chose mostly whole foods (fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, tuna, etc...), I got in much better control of my eating. Maybe you could try that. :-)

  3. I gave up processed sugar a couple years ago. I don't crave it anymore. Giving up sugar doesn't make one thin. I gained weight last year and didn't have hardly any sugar. I still over consumed too many calories per day compared to what I was using as fuel so the excess was stored as fat. There is a documentary called FED UP that explains the processed sugar problem. At the end of the documentary, viewers are challenged to give up sugar for 30 days. It is a good start.

  4. Yes I have... and so far this year I've only had sugar 3 times! I am addicted to food too. It's my crutch. I wish it wasn't.


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