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Yep! I am 21 weeks pregnant now. I had a scan last week and I have a very active little cherub in there. I have put on a shitload of weight but I am also swollen up like one of those water caterpillar things you step on and they pop. Everyone who sees me says, "Have you seen your midwife about that swelling?" And I say "yes" to keep the peace, but the honest truth is....I haven't had time to book in to see a midwife yet! I am hanging out for the holidays so I can laze and put my feet up for awhile. They cannot come soon enough, I'm telling you. My eating? Well, I am constantly hungry and can eat lots more than usual. I am eating pretty healthily (except when I NEED a bowl of rice bubbles for lunch!) but just a lot more and I don't know how to regulate that when I haven't got a band and I am genuinely hungry. I am still going to the gym 4 times a week but can no longer do sit-ups or step-ups, but my instructors are awesome and keep adjusting stuff for me. I think I might do pregnancy yoga this week to try and reduce my stress levels.

I hope all is well with you all!


FFF + 1 xoxo


  1. Go and see the midwife ASAP. I remember being starving when I was pregnant - but also so ill with the second one that everything came back :-(.

  2. OK... I will say it, OMG, go and see a midwife!! There are so many complications to pregnancy and you don't want to get Toxemia (Preeclampsia). Also diabetes is a real concern... go and get looked at!!

    On a positive note, enjoy this time - it's an amazing experience to go through :)

  3. OMGosh! How WONDERFUL! I am super excited for you.

  4. Still thinking about you, hope all is well.


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