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Surprises galore! Well, just one freaking big one really....

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I know that in my last post, I was very excited to become a diligent eater, exerciser and blogger and then………I realized that I was pregnant! Yep! Happy 40th birthday pregnant! I thought I’d be one of those statistics of people that left my run too late but my body obviously had other plans. Now, being pregnant in your 40s is no sunshine and rainbows moment. In fact, I have spent the last 3 months petrified of everything that has happened.

1 week after my period, I had this funny moment with my eating. I went to the gym and did a workout and I got home and beat two eggs together with 1 tablespoon of light cream, I chucked it into the microwave, grabbed it out and ate it up. But, I was still hungry. So, I got up and grabbed 2 more eggs and did the same thing again. And I ate it all. And, then I knew, I was pregnant. Seems weird, but after having a gastric band for 5 years, I KNOW exactly how much I can eat and my two eggs is normally right on the edge of my fullness level, so eating two plates made me question straight away. So, I did a HPT and found that it was positive. I didn’t tell my hubby yet though. Can’t those things be fake positive? So, for two weeks, I did about three more HPT – all positive. And for those two weeks, I ate and ate and ate like my band had magically disappeared. I had absolutely no symptoms though. No nausea, no vomiting, no sore boobs; just appetite! 1 week later I went to the Doctor. Yep. Pregnant. And blood tests. And referred to a hematologist and a gyn0cologist. Low protein levels (possible clotting) and a maternal age that is classified as “high risk”. When I got home, I told my hubby. He was way more excited than I thought he would be. Scared, but excited.

I drove 350kms to see a gyno as we don’t have one here and she asked me to get a dating scan which put me at 7 weeks. I was fully expecting my pregnancy to be ectopic due to a few other factors my Doctor had mentioned (family history etc.) but, bubs was exactly where it should have been, and then, more blood tests, and more pee tests. Insert here 4 weeks of being at school in body but not in mind or spirit as I had soooooo much lethargy. I was so tired and fell asleep doing things like teaching guitar and typing at my computer!! At this stage only my hubby knew, but I had to tell my gym instructors because I was aware that I may over-exert and pass out or something. I also decided to tell my sister, because she is my best friend and a nurse. I felt like I needed someone to ring if anything went wrong and my hubby was away or something. So now? I am 12 weeks and I just had my second scan. I thought I was going to go in and the baby was going to be not breathing/moving. I don’t know why I keep thinking this is not going to happen for me. Maybe because I have had NO SYMPTOMS except tiredness and appetite and most women over 40 tell me that you get those regardless! I also know that there are higher risks at my age and therefore keep doing things to check that I haven’t miscarried. I’m waiting now for the results of my scan, which will tell me if my baby has any abnormalities and then maybe, I can let people know.


  1. That's fantastic news... good luck going forward for a great pregnancy and healthy baby :)

  2. Congratulations!!!!!! These days 40 is nothing, being pregnant can be scary at any time, the worry doesn't stop once the wee blighter is born either.


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