The parent trap!

Last weekend I took a trip with my nephew, hubby and Dad to see Mrs Brown's boys. It was about 5 minutes into the trip when I started falling into old habits without realising it. We got in the car and Dad had bought "long trip lollies" to mung on. We got halfway and stopped for a servo treat to celebrate. When we got to our destination we needed "supper" because we had missed dinner. There were all these little habits that I fell straight back into when I was with my Dad. I realised then how deeply ingrained these things were in my life as a child and how poor eating habits were the "norm" for my family. My family all have food addiction and my sister has passed that addiction to her children. I think my job, is to make sure that it doesn't go to our next generation. I don't want them to live the life I have, with constant fear and anxiety about what goes into my mouth next. I want them to see that their body is something that needs "nourishing" not "feeding". I want to teach them the lessons that it has taken me over thirty years to learn. And i want them to be fit and healthy.  And I want to be fit and healthy as an example to them. And maybe it is too late for Dad to change his ways, but I definitely don't have to fall into step with him when we are together!

FFF xoxo


  1. My dog gives me that look every-time I eat in the kitchen.

  2. I get that...if I look back, pretty much ALL my food issues are rooted in what I learned as a child. And yet, my mum's the size of a sparrow. Go figure!

  3. I know what you mean, when I visited my parents late last year, before I knew it I was having larger meals than I would normally, snacking on biscuits for supper - which I NEVER do at home. I am going down again in a couple of weeks so will have to be more mindful. It is so easy to get into those old family habits again.

  4. It is so easy! So very easy! And being around family makes it all the more easier! Nice job noticing it though. I frequently won't even notice it's happening!

  5. It's hard because it's family.


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