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so excited!!!

I am going to New Zealand!!! OMG! I am beyond excited!!!! But more about that later.

I am still the same weight! I've been here for two years, so that's nothing new, but I have got a handle on the first rule I mentioned in my last post. I have been very careful about not snacking and eating five times a day. And I have been working on that rule, and that rule only, since I wrote the  last post. It took THAT long to get it right.


Be in the moment when I eat. Savour the flavour and appreciate the food.

This one is super important. I was a mage binge eater. It started when I was tiny and my Mum would buy us treats from the supermarket that we had to "Scoff down" before we got home so that my Dad didn't know. Even if were full, we had to leave no evidence. I still feel a rush from hiding food. In my school bag, in my handbag, wherever, if I can hide it, I feel this sense of excitement. So, by limiting my eating to five times a day, I restrict that greatly. But, if I choose something that I can eat quickly and stuff it down my gob, it still brings back that guilt and that feeling of being out of control. Even if  it's carrot sticks or an apple.

Eating slowly and purposefully will also allow me to listen to my hunger and "full" signals, rather than eating everything on my plate (another trait that I learned from my parents!)

So, there's rule 2! Let's see how long until this one sits right with me.


  1. They say food doesn't taste as good after the third bite, like you get the most flavor from the first couple bites. I've been trying to remember that as I have a bad habit of eating past full because it just tastes darn good. I've been trying to focus on the first three bites and then see if I feel a difference on the 4th, 5th, etc. It's forcing me to slow down and really enjoy my food and I'm finding it to be true that I enjoy it a little less with each bite.

    1. Good tip. Sometimes I don't order a dessert because all I really need is one bite of someone else's!

  2. I still overeat, it's a nasty habit I wish I could break.
    You are coming here!!!! When? Why? Exciting!


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