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Post baby body

My little man turned 1 last week and in my head, I was going to be back to prebaby body by now. And although I've now lost 30 kilos from conception, I really want to push these other 12 kilos away! And maybe then I might be ready for number two! 💞 Well, that's up to nature I guess. So, I bit the bullet and joined Michelle Bridges 12wbt again. I am terrible at thinking about what to put into my mouth (mind out of the gutter!) and need structure. I am excited about starting healthy eating again on Monday. Like, actually excited. I think dieting and I need to be rekindled. I also want to set a good example to my baby so that he doesn't experience the anxiety I do about my body and how to fuel it. Weekend means organising, preparing, fitness test and catching up on blog reading! See you soon at yours A xoxo


I've taken a whole year off of "dieting" as such. I enjoyed every second of being pregnant - like 'sunshine and rainbows' loved it! But, I embraced it and all it entailed which meant cravings and eating amazing amounts of things that I just couldn't eat when I was restricted by the band. Not always unhealthy choices, like I had a craving for strawberries for weeks! But I did go through a box of rice bubbles every week and that was mostly my dinner of choice for the first and second trimester.  However, in three weeks, my little boy is 1 and it's time to set him an example. I want to be a fit, healthy mother to him. So, I have reconnected with my blog for some accountability. This time, I make no goals, except to gradually become healthier, I just want to live by some principles that i know will work. For now. I will adjust them as I go. 1. Drink 750 mls of water every day. I know this isn't enough! But I'm at 200 mls at the moment, so I need to s

it's a ...................

BOY! I had a beautiful baby boy, under pretty stressful circumstances in late January. He was a week late, which didn't surprise anyone considering I am always so late for things! After everyone, and I mean everyone, thinking that I was having a girl for the whole pregnancy (including me), I had a little boy and called him S#am#s. We had quite a few names picked out, but I have named him after my brother who has the Scottish equivalent of the same name. He is simply perfect and has been absolutely no trouble for his baby stage! He is 4 months tomorrow, and therefore, I feel that it is time for me to get back into my weight loss mission. So, i was about 85kgs prepregnancy, or bouncing around there somewhere and 79kg was my lowest weight during my weight loss mission. I put on about 40kgs in pregnancy but a lot of that was fluid. I blew up like a walrus! The day after birth I had already lost 15kgs and he only weighed close to 4! But I have since just stayed at that weight. So, I a

hello there

Well, welcome back to me! Crazy,crazy time and I am now a Mother!! And I have some maternity leave, so I have some time to post!! Double win! Back tomorrow lovelies!


Yep! I am 21 weeks pregnant now. I had a scan last week and I have a very active little cherub in there. I have put on a shitload of weight but I am also swollen up like one of those water caterpillar things you step on and they pop. Everyone who sees me says, "Have you seen your midwife about that swelling?" And I say "yes" to keep the peace, but the honest truth is....I haven't had time to book in to see a midwife yet! I am hanging out for the holidays so I can laze and put my feet up for awhile. They cannot come soon enough, I'm telling you. My eating? Well, I am constantly hungry and can eat lots more than usual. I am eating pretty healthily (except when I NEED a bowl of rice bubbles for lunch!) but just a lot more and I don't know how to regulate that when I haven't got a band and I am genuinely hungry. I am still going to the gym 4 times a week but can no longer do sit-ups or step-ups, but my instructors are awesome and keep adjusting stuff for

Surprises galore! Well, just one freaking big one really....

Missing: Blogger I know that in my last post, I was very excited to become a diligent eater, exerciser and blogger and then………I realized that I was pregnant! Yep! Happy 40 th birthday pregnant! I thought I’d be one of those statistics of people that left my run too late but my body obviously had other plans. Now, being pregnant in your 40s is no sunshine and rainbows moment. In fact, I have spent the last 3 months petrified of everything that has happened. 1 week after my period, I had this funny moment with my eating. I went to the gym and did a workout and I got home and beat two eggs together with 1 tablespoon of light cream, I chucked it into the microwave, grabbed it out and ate it up. But, I was still hungry. So, I got up and grabbed 2 more eggs and did the same thing again. And I ate it all. And, then I knew, I was pregnant. Seems weird, but after having a gastric band for 5 years, I KNOW exactly how much I can eat and my two eggs is normally right on the edge of my fu